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Harsh Enterprises works in the IT industry. One of the leading website design company in Patna. Which provides a top website design services for its customers. Web design services like website design, domain purchase, web hosting, content writing, brand promotion, responsive website design, SEO friendly website, ranking in search in Google top. To help you develop your client's business. Therefore we are one of the top website design company in Bihar.

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What is Website ?

A website is a group of several web pages. Web page in which you write all the details about your business and company. Your Company Profile When did your company start, what is its purpose and what is the goal. And in which field do you serve? Everyone can know this from the website. For this, the company must purchase a location on the server, called a domain.,Examples : and

So search for your company on the Internet from anywhere at any time. All the details about his company, he can read anytime.

There are Two types of Website.

a.) Static Website
b.) Dynamic Website

Importance of Website for Business

Website makes your business online presence. Nowadays, in this digital world it is very important for your business to be online. Why is everything happening online now? This will increase your business tenfold. You can grow your business locally and globally.

Benefit of website :

  • Make your office online at a low price.
  • Can tell your company profile and services.
  • The website can be accessed 24 hours anywhere in the world.
  • You can develop your business globally.
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Is there anyway we can add value to your business?

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Disadvantages of Offline Business

To start a business offline, your office needs to rent a commercial area. Electricity bills and many expenses have to be paid, which is very expensive. And the cost of a startup so. First of all, you will need to spend a lot in an office setting. you can not find your business expanding globally, you will only grow in the local town. There will be a private time for the open office. If your company profile is to know who you are, work and service, will not know anyone.

Disadvantages List:

  • To start a business is local too expensive.
  • Office has limited time to open.
  • You can not grow your business worldwide.
  • Can't find out about your company, work and service.

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